About The Kioea

August 22, 2019Uncategorized

The Kioea (Chaetoptila angustipluma) is one of the vanished birds of Hawaii. Its story was a much a mystery during its life as it was after its extinction. Only four preserved specimens exist, and no current evidence indicates that the Kioea was a part of local folklore, nor incorporated in Hawaiian featherwork. The Kioea, approximately … Read More

Kioea & The RPM Challenge

March 1, 2019Uncategorized

The start of a psychedelic dream-surf music project. The RPM Challenge is a project for musicians to record an album, 10 songs or at least 35 minutes long, in February. The RPM Challenge streams the final results on their website. I participated in the 2019 challenge after a 5 year hiatus from playing music. When … Read More