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Kioea continues to explore a signature surf psych sound in their first full-length album, Stand Tall.

Tracks like “Valley of Shadows” and “Lion’s Mane” feature guitar solos that echo back to sixties psychedelic rock. Mellower songs like “Ginger” and “Blue Estuaries” have a warm vibe reminiscent of vintage vinyl. A grooving rhythm section supports atmospheric synth and sitar, evoking nostalgic and modern sounds.

Kioea’s name derives from an extinct Hawaiian songbird. It symbolizes strength and translates to mean “Stand Tall.” Guitarist Carand Burnet, the driving force behind the band’s intricate melodies, wants to uplift listeners with her music. Burnet adds, “Stand Tall is a mantra that empowers me as a female musician, and I hope this album inspires others.”

Released August 18, 2023

Carand Burnet, Guitar, Sitar, Synth
Ian DeCelli, Bass
Jake Remignanti, Drums

Compositions by Carand Burnet
Recorded and mixed by Chris Chase, The Noise Floor
Mastered by Adrian Morgan, Timeless Mastering
Artwork by Yuji Hiratsuka

Dedicated in loving memory of Cait Giunta.

Support for Stand Tall is provided in part by the American Rescue Plan Maine Project Grants, a subgranting program administered by SPACE Gallery for the National Endowment for the Arts.

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