Photos courtesy John Skewes

Carand Burnet — Guitar

Ian DeCelli — Bass

Jake Remignanti — Drums

Kioea (pronounced key-o-e-ah) is an instrumental band based in Maine and the New Hampshire Seacoast Region.  Founded in 2019 by bandleader and electric guitarist Carand Burnet, Kioea is supported by Ian DeCelli on bass and Jake Remignanti on drums.  The trio blends surf rock, psychedelic music, and global influences to craft expansive instrumentals.  Kioea’s debut EP has been selected as a “New & Notable” release by Bandcamp.  They have performed at The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH, The Thing in the Spring Music Festival in Keene, NH, and have been featured on WMUR’s Summer Concert Series.

Listeners will find influences from bands like Allah Las, La Luz, Dungen, Wand, and Khruangbin.


“Dazzling guitar work forms the centerpiece of the new EP from Kioea, featuring exploratory songs that hold a tight grip.”

– J. Edward Keyes, Bandcamp

Album Review: Maine’s Kioea — Reviving the Sound of Surf Guitar / The Arts Fuse

Kioea :: S/T / Aquarium Drunkard

Kioea – “Black Sand Beach”

Kioea EP — Release date: May 6th, 2022

Selected as a Bandcamp “New & Notable” Release

Audio engineering and mixing by Chris Chase / The Noise Floor, Dover, NH

Mastering by Adrian Morgan / Timeless Mastering, Brooklyn, NY

Album artwork by Tara Morin

Expanded Bio

Founded in 2019 by electric guitarist Carand Burnet (she/her), Kioea is named after a Hawaiian word that means “Stand Tall.” Kioea (pronounced key-o-e-ah / key-oh-ee-ah) blends surf rock with characteristics of psychedelia, jazz, and global influences. Kioea is supported by Ian DeCelli on bass and Jake Remignanti on drums. The trio’s performances feature complex guitar solos combined with surf rock’s energetic speed. Kioea has performed at venues including The Music Hall in Portsmouth, NH, and was featured on WMUR’s Summer Concert Series. Kioea’s debut EP was released in May 2022.

Burnet’s artistic practice begins when she records guitar chords into a loop pedal or cassette machine and make a backing track. Burnet plays the track and overlay notes. Her goal is to create a guitar melody acting like the voice singing each song. When satisfied with the structure, Burnet brings the composition to her bandmates. Together they work out the dynamics and groove.

Burnet hopes to use her music to be a role model for female, non-binary, and other musicians who do not fit the mold.  A 2018 study by Fender shows that half of the new guitar purchases are by women who are “aspirational players,” yet the professional industry shows otherwise. In the 2019 Billboard 100, 23% of musicians were women and 2% were female producers. Kioea champions inclusiveness, evident in its merging of genres and Burnet’s position as a female bandleader and skilled electric guitarist.

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